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Enjoy the advantages that you will have being available to clients digitally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! 
Please make sure you keep your information current. Each time your resume changes (e.g., you book a job), upload the newest version right away! If your look changes and you get new pictures, please change them immediately.   It is so important that you take responsibility for making sure that your information FOR YOUR BUSINESS is accurate!


If you have ever seen a commercial or print ad and thought to yourself, "I could have done that," now is your chance! Although we always welcome any prospective talent to apply, The Avenue is actively seeking talent who fit the following criteria: a) any ethnicity between the ages of 30-60 b) Hispanic talent all ages 4-84 c) Asian talent all ages 4-84 Please contact us by emailing Include a couple of snapshots so we can see your smiling face along with a short statement of your experience in front of people (or a resume, if you have one), your personal stats (height, age, dress/pants size), and your contact information (email, address, and phone). We will reply to your inquiry with positive feedback to help you grow and develop into a booking talent. 
**Please note The Avenue is NOT a modeling school. We are a booking agency and only interested in talent who want to work and partner with us in prospering financially. Booking is a business, and talent will be required to treat it as such.** 
We look forward to hearing from you soon!!

Are you a high fashion model? 

Females should be under the age of 17; have the consent of a parent (or be emancipated); must be 5'8" - 6'0" in height, have balanced measurements, clear blemish-free skin, and a great personality and charitable intent to boot!

Men should be under the age of 25; have the consent of a parent (or be emancipated); must be 5'11" - 6'2" in height, have toned, lean muscles, clear blemish-free skin, and a great personality and charitable intent to boot!

Talent applications will receive a response within 3 weeks of submission.   Models should submit clean, clear, snapshots of themselves against a solid light colored background in swimwear or underwear.  Hair should be pulled back off the face.  No makeup!!!  The following images should be taken without posing:
  1. close up of face straight on while smiling
  2. close up of face straight on while not smiling (lips may be slightly parted)
  3. full body straight on with arms at sides
  4. full body side profile with arms at sides
  5. one shot to show personality (this one may be posed or have movement)
Submissions are accepted via email or hard copy snail mail. We look forward to launching your career soon!